About David Saylor

In case you didn’t figure it out from the website name, I am David Saylor. A quick web search will show you that I am not the only David Saylor to be found. Several are out there. Many are involved in material sciences and metallurgy. A coincidence. About a century and a half ago, a David Saylor invented portland cement. At least one other David Saylor is a professor of material science. I am not them but I coincidentally received a bachelor degree in Metallurgical Engineering, Material Science Option from Michigan Technological University.

Currently I serve as the group technical director for a Chinese manufacturing company and I reside in Hangzhou-Fuyang. In this role I assist the wheel SBU of that company and also serve as a member of the Board of Directors for a joint venture company that produces environmentally friendly steel pickling equipment.

Eventually a file of my work portfolio will be available on this site, in case that may be interesting.

I am the father of seven adult children, four girls and three boys, most of whom are married. So far, three grandchildren have joined the family. They are spread from China to Hawaii to New York. The greatest discussion topic with my wife is where we will eventually settle for retirement. It seems that any location provides inconvenience to most of the extended family.

Through my life, I have been blessed with the best wife, great children and enduring friends.

In my career, I have been blessed with difficult and varied assignments that have provided me with a large toolbox of skills and knowledge. I enjoy introducing technology, elevating and improving operations and dealing with prospective customers. I marvel when my team achieves the extraordinary and finds the means to dominate their business or disrupt their market segment.

The left-brained career of engineering and manufacturing management has provided me with serious right-brain frustration. So, I have taken hobbies that satisfy the creative spark. In the past ten years, authoring books has generally fulfilled the right brain deficiency. Nine books are outlined, two of those are published. So far published:

Reading Encyclopedias, Lessons I Learned as a Child
A legacy project for my progeny that I ended up publishing. It is a memoir through age ten of profound life lessons that I still draw upon for guidance and that shaped my personality.

  • ISBN-10: 150544215X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1505442151

A Grasp of the Obvious, The Common Sense of Value
I wrote this book because value is not given enough thought in business and life. As a result, idle expenditure of money, time, energy, intellect and integrity blight our businesses and lives with waste. A Grasp of the Obvious is a think book that can be read several times and something new will be found each time you read that can profoundly improve your life and your business. If you read it, I implore you to try some of the reflective exercises in the book and then act upon your reflections.

  • ISBN 9781537388724

Other books that are outlined and will be written:
The Missing Tile
A short book about the need for a measured amount of excess of every resource. The excess acts as an accelerant for progress. This simple yet overlooked fact can cause serious disruption if not respected.

Stupid Lean

Many tomes have been written about lean manufacturing and manufacturing excellence, but little has been published about how it can all go wrong. Stupid Lean is intended to chronicle the most common and serious mistakes made in the journey toward operations excellence.

One Hour Due Diligence
It is so powerful to have the ability to take a quick look behind the curtain of an enterprise using only the facts that are nominally available. This is a wonderful skill when interviewing for a job, assessing a business partner, or when considering an investment. Over the years, I have gained some skill in this matter and this short book will help you gain that ability.

The Outsourcing Trap
Western Nations have been outsourcing manufacturing and services work to low labor cost countries for decades. This book describes how this may be a serious mistake and provides case studies of outsourcing gone wrong and in-sourcing gone right, how to do both more safely and I give a futurist view of manufacturing outsourcing.

The Unfair Advantage
A certain set of skills are possessed by certain men of faith that provide them an unfair advantage in business. These skills are replicable without complete devotion to God, but it certainly helps. This book summarizes those skills and teaches some methods for developing the belief and habits required to have the unfair advantage.

Reincarmation (not misspelled)
A fiction book that is set not too far into the future when death is not the only end available.

A fiction book that we should hope is not in the future – A future where most of humanity is host to a parasite that wants to go home.

In addition to writing, I enjoy dabbling in alternative energy theory, futurism, fishing, church, family and my work. My current work has me traveling about 40% of the time, internationally and within China. Travel is not my hobby, but is has become a pastime.